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You will find a large amount of Canadian related life insurance educational material on this web site. Choose your area of interest from the index provided at the left of each page. If you can't find the information that you require, send an e-mail to and tell me how I can help you.

....did you know that you may be paying two or more times more than you should for that old term life insurance policy that you bought years ago and put away in a drawer or safety deposit box? If your policy was a one year renewable term life insurance, five year renewable term life insurance or ten year renewable term life insurance, you need to dig out the policy right now and have a look at it. If you were paying for this insurance by the month directly out of your bank account, the withdrawals for one year term insurance have been increasing each year from the date you purchased the policy. The five year term life insurance has been increasing in cost at the end of each five years and the ten year term life insurance has been increasing in cost at the end of each ten years. You can stop being overcharged by examining those old polcies, asking questions and getting comparison prices right now. A Canadian life insurance broker such as John Beaton can help you find the best priced life insurance for your needs. There is no cost to you to find out.

....did you know that your insurance company is not going to tell you that you may be paying too much and there could be better priced coverages available, maybe even from the same company? Only a life insurance broker can give you unbiased opinions about what is available in the market place.

....did you know that low cost, preferred non-smoker rates for healthy people with good lifestyles became available in Canada for the first time in 1999? If you are not on medication and your health is good, shouldn't you sit down with a life insurance broker to see if you qualify?

....did you know that current smokers have the opportunity to put a lump sum of money in their pocket, by purchasing their life insurance coverage from an insurance company that promises to give back the difference in cash between smoker and non-smoker rates if they quit smoking for 12 months and continue in good health sometime within the first two years of taking out a smoker policy? The purchaser pays the smoker cost to start, based on the original issue age! If the purchaser is able to give up tobacco related products for a 12 month period within the first two policy years and provide evidence of that non-smoker status, a refund cheque is in the mail.

....did you know that a few life insurance companies offer special non-smoker rates to those who smoke only pipes or cigars? The cost is higher than a non-smoker but less than a cigarette smoker.

....did you know that the mortgage life insurance you bought from the lending institution where you bought your mortgage may not even be in force? There have been a significant number of incidents reported where the inexperienced, non-insurance licensed personnel at the lending institution did not properly fill out the mortgage insurance application or simply put the application in a file and it never did reach the insurance company. It is adviseable to say "NO" to the offer of mortgage or creditor insurance at the lending institution and seek the advice of a qualified and licensed life insurance broker. What you think is an easily completed application through the lending institution may result in invalid coverage when the really hard questions are asked at time of death. This is commonly referred to as "underwriting at time of claim". It is preferrable to underwrite at time of application.

....did you know that even a person in poor health can many times qualify for joint last to die coverage where the other applicant is in good health? A joint last to die life insurance policy only pays out a tax free benefit when the last person named on the policy dies. sometimes the healthy person dies first. A joint last to die life insurance policy is perfect for providing a tax free estate to children and grand-children.

....did you know that whole life policies have growing guaranteed cash values that can be borrowed by the policy owner? Interest on such loans could be less than obtaining a loan elsewhere. Sometimes it is more favourable to use your whole life policy as collateral at a lending institution to obtain a preferred interest loan. If you do this and repay the loan, make certain to have any assignments against your policy removed. An assignment removal is not something that banks do without direction from you.

....did you know that well advised adult children are purchasing joint last to die life insurance coverage on retired parents to protect their inheritance?

....Are you aware that women are more likely to benefit from the proceeds of life insurance? Mortality tables show that women live longer than men and therefore need financial support in their older years when they are living alone. The government benefits of their spouse are long gone and they need to have an additional stream of income that can only come from life insurance proceeds. Make certain that there is enough coverage on male spouses to provide this financial need.

....did you know that a simplified on-line application for life insurance has a good chance of being approved through one of a couple of life insurance companies within 30 minutes. Your policy is e-mailed to you within minutes.

These questions and more, can be answered by John Beaton by contacting him at one of the telephone numbers or e-mail below.

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