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Benefits of Using the Services of an Independent life insurance broker.

In 1984 I started learning about life insurance and investment products as a career agent with Metropolitan Life. While my training related mainly to permanent participating whole life insurance, it soon became clear to me that the majority of clients I sat down with, needed term insurance choices with more substantial death benefits. Metropolitan Life preferred that I concentrate on permanent life insurance sales.

After many heated discussions about this matter, I finally left this insurer in 1986 and became a broker. I was fortunate in finding and becoming allied with several mature experienced mentors in the life insurance brokerage field. I quickly found that a large number of life insurance companies catering to independent brokers, who were shopping on behalf of clients who needed various types of term insurance as well as guaranteed non-participating whole life. My mentors revealed to me that Canadian life insurance companies were competing for best prices and products in the term life insurance market. I learned that there were third party independent companies that collected data monthly, directly from the many insurance companies and provided it for a price to independent brokers. This service allowed instant comparison of types of life insurance as well as current prices.

I subsequently obtained my own computer system and started studying the various insurance company products. It became clear to me that, even though the many life insurance companies in this country sell identical policies, the prices for their policies varied considerably. I learned that consumers who don't take the time to shop and compare prices will invariably pay significantly more for their coverage.

Many years later, my service continues to simplify the process of shopping for the best price for life insurance coverage. My value added free service allows buyers to more quickly consider the offerings of many more life insurance companies than would be available if a person telephoned each company or arranged meetings with individual sales representatives. This translates into a savings of time and money. I make certain that you know about the best coverage for the best price. You are guaranteed to receive free quotes and advice without pressure to buy and your name will not be put on any mailing list just because you contacted me through this web site.

I'm contracted with the following life insurance companies. The list was once much larger since many other insurance companies, whose names have disappeared from the market place in recent years, have been assimilated by these companies.

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