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Private Health Services Plan: A PHSP is a CCRA [formerly Revenue Canada] method for self employed Canadian business people to fully tax deduct health and dental expenses against business income. If you are self employed and you don't have a PHSP, it is likely that you are overlooking significant tax savings.

 LifeGuide® is the computer program we use to compare life insurance rates. If you are an agent or broker, you might like to learn some details about this powerful program.

 Independent Financial Brokers Of Canada is a national association of life insurance brokers.

Tracing its roots back more than a century, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. CLHIA is the oldest association operating in the insurance industry in North America.

The OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance OLHI is a national independent complaint resolution and information service for consumers of Canadian life and health insurance products and services, including life, disability, employee health benefits, travel, and insurance investment products such as annuities and segregated funds. Their mandate is to provide free, prompt and impartial assistance with consumer complaints and information enquiries. They do not advocate for either the consumer or the insurance company.

Federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

A Guide to Segregated Funds: Canadian segregated funds are extraordinary investment vehicles similar to mutual funds but offering insurance protection against loss with a unique maturity and death benefit.

The Fraser Institute Calculate your personal tax freedom day here. is a web based index of life insurance brokers from across Canada.

An information and self-help resource for, and by, widows and widowers.

RxList A data base of more than 4,000 prescription drugs

Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates

life insurance

SeniorsSearch cuts to the chase and contains subjects relevant to the lifestyle of the over 50 age group. It is the place to come to for seniors-related information.

Personal Alternative Funeral Services Currently available in the British Columbia Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas only. From personal experience, I have found them to provide professional and inexpensive funeral services without pressure to purchase higher priced packages.

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